Check for domains

One of the necessary operations to create a website - is the creation of a domain name, you select a name and a domain zone. The name is a bit of a domain to a point, then the sign is located is what is called the domain zone. This factor influencing how much will be the annual payment for the use of the domain.

A method for checking domain
One of the mandatory procedures is to verify the domain when the registered name for the newly created website. It allows you to know: free the same address, and - to clarify the terms of his release. The process makes it possible to determine in whose possession is a domain and get contacts for communication with that person to discuss with the owner of the domain options for its sale.

How to check the domain on its uniqueness?
Check using a special service. Resource helps to establish the possibility to register a website with a name.

The algorithm checks the domain to gain access to registration:

  • enter into a web form (with no need to enter www and http: //);
  • select the desired check domain zone;
  • include a check.

After all these are accomplished, the system will offer you a table with a list of domain names (for different areas). It can be seen freely interests of the applicant name. After graduating from the procedure for checking domain, you can proceed with the registration.

How do you know the rating name?
Each PC has its own algorithm, according to which you are ranking "Vela" site. If we talk about the most popular - Yandex and Google, the first use of topical citation index, and the second uses «PageRank». The difference between the two is a special range of numerical calculation, which can vary in such boundaries: 0-900tys. (for TIC), 0-10 in the PR. These figures show the importance of the website ranking in a particular PC. If the resource is non-productive and not popular, its "weight" will be zero (or co-located with this indicator).

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