Service selection of a domain name by keys

The usage of keywords in domain name has great efficiency in website promotion. Not all customers (and optimizers) have such a rational idea, so they do not use this advertising potential.

If you choose the right domain name, you can significantly reduce the cost of SEO-promotion. At the same time, some of the customers specifically ignore such opportunity to focus the attention of the visitors on their own brand. This method brings high performance, but is only suitable for big companies with business development. Smaller businesses are better to choose a domain by keywords, making it easier to solve the problem with the name of the website and will also help in its advertising.

Rules for choosing the name by keywords
For those who create a website, the primary task is to select a really interesting name, which will bring the profit - to attract visitors or potential customers. However, in practice it turns out that to determine a suitable domain is not so simple - almost all names with acceptable characteristics are already used. They are bought by second-hand dealers or big business structures. The search for free domain becomes long and troublesome.

Rational way - the selection of the domain on keywords, in this case you do not have to compose anything. Standard selection algorithm is as follows:

  • Enter a keyword;
  • Select the domain zone;
  • Receive confirmation.

When all this simple operations are performed, you can start the registration.

What are the principles to keyword selection?
You can be recommended to use the keyword in the title of the website. The ideal is a formula: a popular keyword attached to company name. For the selection of domain name by keywords you should follow these rules:

  • · use specific requests;
  • · use multiple keywords with the same base (eg, plumbing wholesale, buy sanitary ware, sanitary ware order).

To get the "point" - means to use as a basis for the most widely used and competitive keyword.

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